Filling a hole with gravel

(April, 2001)

I ordered 3 cubic yards of 3/4" gravel from South Bay Materials ($30 per cu. yd. + $40 delivery + tax = $140). It looks like a small pile in comparison to the dumptruck, but when you stand there it's larger. I think it weighs about 5,000 pounds.

The gravel was delivered on April 28, 2001.

Thanks to Sarah for getting up at 7:30am to welcome the gravel to our humble home.

Hazardous to people & pets.

old rusty broken wheelbarrow

On the fifth load, I broke the old wheelbarrow.

shiny red wheelbarrow from Home Depot

Home Depot, $29.95. Assemble yourself and save the $10 fee. Inflate tire to 25 psi.


On May 5, Luke showed up for loads 29 through 43. But maybe we counted wrong, and it was really 42. That would be a more pleasing number.

smaller pile of gravel

After 39 loads, we can clearly see the gravel at the end of the tunnel.

gravel action shot

Turns out that two cubic yards would have been about right. Luckily, I had an extra hole ready.

hole full of gravel with Dave

Woo hoo!

new and improved back yard in San Jose

Some day, we'll remove some of the gravel and put bricks over the top. But then again, if I were laying bricks then I wouldn't be lying in the hammock.

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